Other Things

My Retellings of Punjabi Folktales and Fairy Tales
Originally from the Non Stop Bhangra and Dholrhythms blogs, reposted here.

Short Pieces that I’ve Written
Every so often, I try writing fiction. I’m too lazy to try to submit it anywhere, but some of the pieces I liked the best end up here.

The Story of Kritákrita, by William Francis Bain
From Bain’s 1898 short story cycle A Digit of the Moon. A tale of vetala (a ghoul-like Indian “vampire”), reanimated corpses, and magic dice.

Ghost Stories from the Classics
Supernatural tales and fragments from Greek and Roman classical literature. I guess these are technically translations, but this seemed a better place to put them.

Annotated Pieces

Curious, If True, by Elizabeth Gaskell
A meta-fairy tale by Elizabeth Gaskell, written in 1860. At strategic places in the text, I’ve added links to the fairy tales that Gaskell references. Try guessing which they are before you click!

A Virtuoso’s Collection by Nathaniel Hawthorne
A metafictional 1842 allegory, in which a straight-laced narrator tours an unusual collection of artifacts. An interesting look at what might have been considered “common cultural knowledge” for mid-19th century, classically educated Americans. How many references do you get?